About Us

About Stefanie - I was born & raised all around Puget Sound, from Normandy Park to my favorite place on earth Redondo. I am one of the few native Seattle-ites who absolutely hates seafood. I have been blessed with an amazing and supportive family including the most adorable nephew/ring bearer you will ever see!

I enjoy all things craft related – jewelry making, scrapbooking, ceramics, painting, photography, etc. My absolute favorite thing to do in my spare time is to bake & make candy for friends and family. The holiday season is probably my favorite time of year because it gives me an excuse to spoil everyone with my homemade sweets. Since meeting Yuri, I have also come to really enjoy cooking and trying out new healthy recipes. I am passionate about health and fitness and I have recently become quite obsessed with educating myself on these topics. I am very much an animal person, and anyone who knows me knows that I treat my two cats like children.

Growing up around the Puget Sound, I of course love the water. The Redondo boardwalk is one of my favorite places to go, rain or shine. Yuri and I even walked along the boardwalk in the snow!

About Yuri - I was born in Ukraine and came to the US when I was 3. Shortly after coming to the US my family moved to Seattle, Washington. Seattle has become my home and can’t imagine living anywhere else. While living in Seattle my Mom remarried to my dad (Gil) and with that came my new Filipino family who have been a big part of my life since day one.

Since the 3rd grade I have been fascinated with computers and have started to make a career out of it. You will find me on a computer or talking about something computer related 90% of the time.

When I first met my fiancĂ© back in high school I had no clue that 7 years later we would meet again and 9 years later I would be asking for her hand in marriage. She is my best friend and I couldn’t ask for a better wife to be.

How we met

Technically, Yuri says we met in high school, but I only vaguely remember this :) My dad was his high school teacher and Yuri remembers me coming into his classroom, probably for lunch money!The next time we “met” was on Facebook. I remember Yuri sending me a friend request and when I saw his profile I thought, well he’s cute, tall and he says God is #1 in his life…Why not accept! Then later I showed my dad his picture and asked if he remembered him from Highline (he remembers all of his students). He quickly said, “Oh yes! That’s Yuri, he’s a great guy, a very nice guy.” So he got the approval from Dad before we even really started talking.

A few months went by and I had gotten really into baking for my coworkers. I would post on Facebook what I made and what I was planning on making next. Up until now we had only chatted a couple of times, mostly him asking when he got to try some of the yummy stuff I was making. He tried asking me out to see a movie (Zombieland) but I declined, saying it would be weird since I hadn’t even seen him in person!

October 7, 2009

I finally gave in and told him to come visit me at work and I would save him some of the cookies-n-cream cupcakes I had made. We sat outside my work and had an awkward little chat, which ended with me asking him if he wanted go see that movie after all. We had our first date that night and it was beyond perfect. I will forever be indebted to my friend and bridesmaid Jessica for her encouragement and insistance that I go on that date. Without her insisting, I may have missed out on the best thing to ever happen to me.

We met at BJ’s Restaurant and had a quick drink and then saw Zombieland, the perfect first date movie. Then he took me for a drive in Daisy the Yellow Ninja (his GTI), we went down to Seattle and then headed to Redondo – my all time favorite place to go. We walked along the boardwalk under the moonlight for a while and then he took me back to my car and gave me the perfect goodnight kiss.

The next day I told my coworker and friend Jessica, that if he was what he seemed to be, I was going to marry him, no question. We had our second date the next night and our third date the night after that, at Matt and Lena’s wedding where he caught the garder!