The Proposal

When it happened

Saturday, May 07, 2011

How it happened

The Saturday before Mother’s Day, Yuri and Stefanie headed to the grocery store to shop for movie snacks. Yuri tossed Stefanie a Ring Pop and said “Here you go babe, I know you’ve been wanting a ring.” Stefanie laughed and later took a picture of the Ring Pop on her finger posting it to Facebook with the comment, “He finally got me a ring!”

After watching the movie, while getting ready to meet some friends at a local pub. Yuri ran downstairs, came back and kissed Stefanie. Then he whispered, “Will you marry me?” to which Stefanie laughed and said “Are you serious?” thinking he was just playing around like he had done a few times in the past. To Stefanie’s surprise Yuri WAS serious! He pulled the ring out of his pocket and said, “Stefanie Michelle Peterson, will you marry me?” It took Stefanie probably a good five minutes before she could speak again to actually say YES!!

When Stefanie finally got over the shock of the proposal, they left to meet their friends and share the good news. Later Stefanie posted a new picture on Facebook showing off her actual ring. But contrary to the initial belief Yuri did not propose with the Ring Pop :)

Yuri had originally planned on proposing during our weekend getaway to Seaside, OR three weeks later. He had the ring custom made and when it was finished and in his possession, he said he just couldn’t wait that long!